My 4th Level 70!

I finally hit 70 on my control wizard. She has exactly one round of Spinward Rise vigilance tasks left to do in order to get her artifact main hand (which requires level 70 to equip), so that was well timed.

Now my only problem is: What do I do with her after that? A big part of why I've been spending a lot of time playing her recently was that she was the one character of mine who wasn't already max-level and who therefore had slightly different things to do than the rest. I don't really want to start running campaign dailies on a fourth character.


  1. I am most impressed as I only have 2 level 70s myself! Also the answer to your question is use all of them to grind influence for your stronghold. :P

    1. I have spent some time doing that... but feeling a bit burnt out on it now.

    2. Yerp, I know that feeling. Hopefully the Rage of Demons will be a nice refresher. Other than that, just don't treat SH as a race and you should be ok. In theory. :P