Log Logic

One change I already love about this latest module is what they did to the quest log. As far as I'm aware Neverwinter has never had a limit on how many quests you can pick up, so it hasn't been uncommon for any of my max-level characters to have dozens of them in their log at any time.

The problem was that they weren't sorted in any way that made sense. Quests from the same area were generally grouped together, but newer quests could be listed before older quests for example, and it was all in a single, long list. Every time I did dailies with any of my guildies, it was a nightmare to figure out who was on which quest and what still needed completing. I eventually pretty much gave up on even trying to consult the quest log at all and mostly tried to rely on the quest-associated map markers.

Finally having things sorted into categories is therefore, while it might seem small overall, a huge QoL improvement for me.


  1. This makes me think of a question I've had since comping back: when the change to campaign display came in, shifting from the graphic heavy version to a more quest log style system for the campaigns.

    I like it actually, although I do wonder whether it is still any clearer for new players what it all means. Quite a lot to absorb even for me as an out-of-date vet!

    1. It was at the end of April/beginning of May this year. I wrote a little post about it. Don't like it very much myself. :P