Event Gaming

This weekend the "Celebration of Lliira" event is going on in Neverwinter. As a thinly veiled in-game version of the American 4th of July celebrations, it doesn't seem to have much to offer, other than some NPCs with freaky-looking masks as well as the opportunity to set off some fireworks.

While this event has a real-life connection, I'm noticing that the weeks when Neverwinter doesn't have some sort of event going on seem to be few and far between. If there's no real life holiday to adapt into a D&D version, it's some "Call To Arms" event where people are encouraged to run a certain skirmish for extra rewards.

Not long ago I read an article on a blog somewhere (sadly I don't remember where) about how MMOs seem to increasingly turn into "event gaming", where it's not so much about the amount of content you have, but rather about continuously making people feel like they are experiencing a unique event by being present for the release of some new content. Neverwinter's unending stream of events certainly seems to be in line with this.

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