Loading In

The characters on Neverwinter's character selection screen have a curious way of loading in: their bodies always load before their armour, which means that your characters always appear in their underwear at first. I find this mildly disconcerting.

The other night was even worse though - my connection was severely throttled as I was trying to download the latest patch for SWTOR at the same time, so the character selection screen's loading was slowed down the point of characters appearing only limb by limb... now that was just disturbing.


  1. Hoo boy. I applaud your bravery at trying to DL the SWTOR patch at the same time as playing another MMO. When two people in the house are streaming, you can just about forget playing an online game, and when one stream is going on I can kinda sorta play.

    1. Well... not so much playing as simply trying to get the invoking cycle started for the evening... when it takes several hours to receive the maximum reward, you don't want to wait too long to get started!