So... Strongholds

My pet tank has been excited about this module for months, since he loves building up bases. I warned him that it probably wouldn't be all that, especially for a mini guild like ours, with only 2-4 active players.

Now it's out, and it seems that I was right. Similar to a fleet starbase in STO, a guild stronghold requires the guild members to submit various currencies and resources to upgrade it. While the basic stronghold is free and the first building can be put up pretty much immediately, the second one already looks like it would take us about a hundred days or more to build, based on the limited amount of currency you can earn per character per day.

On the plus side, it's a new and pretty sizeable adventure map, and the smaller heroic encounters on it can be completed even by our tiny group. It does make me wonder how busy this map could potentially get in a large guild.


  1. Yeah, my group has the same feeling. I have a sneaking suspicion that NWO wants to kill smaller guilds with this update. I'm most concerned that the higher tiered buildings might require BS donations from events you can't even start without 5 or more people (dragon flight thing).

    Sure, we probably don't -need- those yet - until some dev down the track decides to balance a campaign based on characters who have all those additional boons in place. Hopefully that never happens. *shrug*

    1. I didn't even think of it that way; I can't really see guilds becoming mandatory that way. I don't have an issue with the content not being designed for tiny guilds like ours, it's just something one has to keep in mind before getting all excited about it.