PvP Sucks

I don't know why I keep trying my hand at Neverwinter's PvP even though I know I don't like it. I think it's because I really enjoy PvP in other MMOs and keep hoping that maybe Neverwinter's will grow on me if I just give it another chance. Note to my future self whenever I may harbour similar thoughts again: No! It sucks; get over it.

My pally found herself in the 60-69 bracket again this week, but this time, instead of bots, she ran into what looked like a premade or at least some very seriously geared up alts. Even if I managed to land my most powerful offensive daily on one of their heads, it barely moved anyone's health bar. The only times I lived for more than a few seconds after exiting the spawn point was when they stopped hitting us altogether, to observe us with the detached sort of amusement with which one might watch a kitten attacking their shoe. I desperately wanted to quit before the match was over but decided to stick it out for the reward at the end... just to not get any. I guess only winners get AD now?

Another scene from Icewind Dale this week: My great weapon fighter joining in at the end of a Black Ice Domination. My team had comfortably won the main fight and I joined in to mine the black ice. Suddenly I'm dead, and I barely have time to make out what I think was a rogue before I respawn at the nearest campfire. Gear differences or not, no max-level character should ever be able to simply one-shot another max-level character; that's just terrible balance. And to think that people complain about the time-to-kill in SWTOR. Seriously.


  1. I believe you need to get 600 personal points to get the AD, so hurriedly capture your own node right away and hope to steal a second one later. You can almost always do this, and lots of times in a hopeless fight the other side just sits and trades captures back and forth.

    Also, yes, Neverwinter's PvP is terrible, the tenacity stat is just plain dumb. And it's a shame because when I actually face another character with no tenacity it's a fun fight.

    1. Thanks, that would explain it, as I definitely didn't reach 600 personal points. I did try to go for the off-node a couple of times, but was always intercepted and killed too quickly to achieve much.