I Tried Assault on Svardborg Today

Until a couple of weeks ago I'd never done an "epic trial", which I guess is what passes for a raid in Neverwinter. When I finally overcame my reluctance and queued for (normal) Demogorgon (the epic trial introduced with Maze Engine), I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and that it didn't even take ten minutes.

So when I recently hit the maximum amount of "potential bonus rewards" for the epic trial Assault on Svardborg, which you accumulate from questing in Sea of Moving Ice, I thought I'd give that one a try too.

I got a pop after about fifteen minutes. Everybody seemed kind of hesitant to run in and start the fight, until one guy finally took the lead. I followed him and immediately got turned into a block of ice. I stayed that way for about ten seconds, then died. This repeated a couple of times (me running in, turning into an ice block and then dying a few seconds later), with other people also dying left and right; then everybody abandoned the instance.

I looked up the basic strategy for the fight to better understand what had happened and to be honest it sounds way too complicated for a pug even on normal. For example when people get turned into blocks of ice, others are supposed to break them out within seconds or the frozen person dies (like I did). As if that's going to happen with a bunch of randoms!

I guess those bonus rewards will remain unclaimed.


  1. Hah, at least you've seen the start of the instance! :) I'm allergic to all the dungeons in this game as they simply eat too much time and have no guaranteed reward. I haven't even set foot into Svardborg (among many others). :P

    1. I generally love group content but I don't really "get" it in this game. At launch the dungeons were somewhat challenging, even a bit too hard for me personally as we got closer to the level cap, but at least there was a noticeable progression. Since the introduction of (badly done) level sync, levelling dungeons are just something 70s rush through, one-shotting everything, to get their daily reward. But then you try any max-level content and get absolutely stomped. There's just no graduation...