I talked about the somewhat awkward time-gating of the Maze Engine campaign, however now that I've finished it, I've also been meaning to say that the story was pretty neat and the final showdown with Baphomet quite cool. It was also one of the few pieces of content that made even my pet tank appreciate having someone to group up with. That you can re-do it as a weekly (under the guise of the story being told by a bard, which results in slight variations) is nice as well.


  1. Yep! One of their better designed things in my opinion. :) It also helps that he's the fourth(?) fastest weekly to earn 4.5k AD.

    Probably sits higher on the "faster" chart for you since you do him as a pair. ^_^

    1. Oh? Which ones would you consider faster?

    2. Arcane Reservoir is my fastest weekly. With a ring of ambush I literally just run to the end of the map and kill the boss. On my ranger, everything else follows and I have to kill them too in the final chamber which is good fun.

      On my rogue it's pretty much assassination. 2-3 minutes tops.

      Dread Ring weekly - Red wizards is pretty fast too. 3 closest ones are down near the Sphere of annihilation. 3-4 mins due to travel time.

      Protecting the Portal is 3rd fastest. It's a tiny bit longer due to all the travel time.

      Then Baphomet solo.

      Then Well of Dragons weekly (Sigh. Grindy) and IWD - Biggrin. I normally forgo Biggrin though. It's just too far out of the way.

    3. OK, that does make sense - we're nowhere near that level of efficiency though, so going into an instance with a single boss and no trash currently can't be beaten. :D