Lowbie Changes

As well as picking up my hunter ranger again, I also bought more character slots and rolled up another new alt, a sun elf paladin. I was surprised to find that they changed the Theft of the Crown quest to shoehorn Sybella from the Benign Order of the Third Eye into it in the middle.

Speaking of that, I still don't know how to complete her mini-campaign - on the one character I've done it on, I'm sat at 86% after completing everything. Then again, maybe that's just another one of those display bugs - just like some of my characters have 150 or even 200% Sharandar completion.

My new alt also still got an in-game mail to advertise use of the Gateway - might want to remove that, Cryptic.


  1. Oh, I didn't notice anything different when we played through this back in July, although maybe I just missed it. May have to check it out again myself to see! We were playing two paladins with a friend's warlock. Paladins seem very overpowered at low level!

    1. It's just that she's there in the vault, needing rescue, when previously she didn't even exist. But her appearance isn't hugely memorable.