Vendor Trash

For a game that makes money from selling bag space (among other things), I've never felt that Neverwinter particularly tries to clog up your bags with junk. Things like currencies and crafting materials go into their own, seemingly limitless inventory tabs, and most things you pick up while questing are actually useful. There's never been a whole lot of vendor trash in Neverwinter.

Today while questing on my lowbie great weapon fighter, I killed a bunch of dragon cultists associated with the new module and they dropped junk like crazy. I seemed to get a useless white quality item on every other pull, and Cryptic appears to have created a whole bunch of new grey items purely for the dragon cultists to drop some rubbish. Even as I stopped to sell things whenever I could and refined enchantments away on the go, my inventory kept filling up over and over again.

Someone clearly wants to sell more bags.


  1. I'm trying to imagine the office discussion about selling more bag space, and can't help but fall over laughing. It feels like a Monty Python skit.

    1. I find it quite sad to imagine that this would be something they'd even have a discussion about actually. Also, congratulations on posting the first ever comment on this blog!