Chugging Along

I've been in "passive" mode again, only logging in to invoke and run professions. SWTOR is super appealing again and I've been feeling a bit burnt out on campaign grinding. The new module, Underdark, launches today, but since it just adds yet another campaign, I'm not really too keen on that at the moment either. I expect to check it out later.

Cryptic also posted an update on the State of Astral Diamonds last night. You have to hand it to them, even if I'm not too keen on their business model and feel that they are quite good at putting their foot in their mouth, they do try to communicate with their playerbase. Bioware keep their cards much closer to their chest when it comes to things like design decisions.

Another thing I found interesting about that post was the statement that in October, the average player earned 60,000 AD. I initially read that as the average earned per day and was baffled by how it could be so high. (I'm currently on 12,000 a day purely from invoking on four different max-level characters. Not to mention that the daily refinement cap per character is 24,000.) But if they meant "during the whole month", an average of 60,000 would be staggeringly low, as even my own monthly income purely from invoking adds up to 360,000 AD. So I remain confused.