Everything is a Campaign

The latest patch introduced a funny change to the campaign window: All the levelling zones are now counted as quasi-campaigns and reward items of varying value for completion. Some of the low-level ones are pretty amazing for poor players: For example completing the Tower District now rewards a full set of green quality profession workers, one for each profession! Kind of makes me want to bang my head against the wall for all the hours and days I spent levelling up white quality ones... but it's a nice change for new players for sure.

I might even be tempted to go back and finish off the zone on my max-level alts that never completed it. I'm just not sure the campaign window was the right place for this addition, as it looks pretty cluttered now and makes it harder to keep track of your progress in the "real" campaigns.


  1. Hmmm... Does completion of the Tower District include the instance at the end?

    1. Yep. It's an (easy for lev 70) 3 man dungeon now that you can fly through.

      I've had no issues finding groups for the maps I've missed so far - just don't expect them to wait for you as I suspect some are just being run for AD. :)

    2. That brings up the question whether you can just wait a few levels and solo the instance yourself. If the instances quickly become a cakewalk, I can go do something else for a few levels and then solo it without worrying about dealing with the "Go-go-go" crowd.

    3. While you probably -can- solo it, Cryptic has decided that as an anti-botting measure you cannot enter dungeons alone. In fact you can no longer walk up to the door and go in. You have to use the queue window which is immersion slaying. :P

      Anyway, either party up before hand or just drop into a random PUG. Can't escape from other players in these instances.