Hunter Ranger

My hunter ranger hit 70 this past week, and while that gave me reason to celebrate, I've also been somewhat disappointed by the class.

Initially I was really pleased with the way hunter rangers switch between ranged and melee combat, especially as it features some very cool animations. It reminded me of the days when my hunter in WoW could also dual wield and would hamstring opponents that came in too close, despite of being a predominantly ranged class.

However, while levelling up I quickly found that trying to fight at range became more and more tedious, with poor kiting options that just result in every solo fight being a slow and tiring dodge-fest. Somewhat bizarrely, my characters' abilities' power levels and fun factor also seem to be inverse to their cooldown, which is to say that my dailies are boring and useless, while spamming my at-wills seems to be the way to go most of the time. Alas, I guess me and the HR weren't meant to be.


  1. I also found it tedious until I was schooled by them in the PvP arenas. My build was so ludicrously bad that some of my opponents would actually stop fighting and start giving me tips on how to better build him, which is not something I expected to be honest.

    So now I've got a Trapper Ranger (point blank combat at all times, regardless of stance), and he clears mob clusters faster than my thief main. Downside is, he also dies faster if I goof up. :P

    1. Haha, that may well be my problem as well. Though the sound of becoming yet another melee char doesn't sound that appealing, since it's not really what I was looking for from that class.