Still Around

I just haven't been playing Neverwinter lately because the launch of the latest SWTOR expansion drew both me and all my guildies back to that. The greatly reduced log-in rewards also didn't give me any reason to keep logging in at least once a day anymore.

However, my pet tank and I are now back to check out the River District. I loved the giant O-face my character made in chapter four of the story. More thoughts may follow as and when.


  1. Coincidentally husband and I got back into Neverwinter for the first time in months over the weekend. We had tried to play it with our 'trio' friend but it kept crashing on his PC for some reason (STO wouldn't even load for him).

    This time we're back just as a couple to carry on the Elemental Evil campaign that we started last year but didn't complete.

    The game is what it always was to me, great fun in moderation but way, way too grindy to take too far. On the plus side there are now several campaigns I've not even seen yet so there's plenty of content to look forward to. As with many of my MMO's progress will depend on whether my other half stays motivated to play it... ;-)

    1. Seeing you comment under your real name sure confused me for a second when I saw the notification!

      The grind is indeed real... and I honestly wouldn't be able to bear it on my own for very long. I liked the stories of the more recent modules well enough, but the combat gets both tough and tiresome when you're playing alone and aren't awesomely geared... in my opinion anyway.

  2. Hmm, I chose Wordpress when I commented, though the syndication with Blogger has always been pretty suspect. Yep, just tested it in Firefox and it's now reverting to Google login regardless of what I select. Trying to comment in Edge instead just in case...