Orcus Down!

I don't have a video or a screenshot showing the UI and achievement of it because my Nvidia share feature decided to act up again, but this past week, my guild cleared Castle Never in a full guild run for the first time! Unfortunately all I got is this screenshot of Orcus quickly disintegrating as Neverwinter mobs and bosses are wont to do.

We had tried Castle Never only once before and made it up to the last boss back then, but he just one-shot our tank at the start of the fight, every time, so that we could not get any further. This time things went much better, apparently due to the boss's damage having received a heavy nerf in the meantime.

I was my usual useless self and died a lot (if I did any buffing, there are no numbers to prove it), but even I managed to survive the final attempt, which was at least something.


  1. Well done Shintar! I only fought Orcus when he first came out so I have to ask - does he move around now? He used to just be a turret which meant ranged characters/party had quite an advantage.

    1. I don't think so. Apart from the phase changes when he jumps into the air.

  2. Congrats!

    Of course, the old time D&D player in me is thinking "He's not really dead, he's just banished from the Prime Material Plane for a time, and he's likely going to be really really pissed when he gets the chance to go after you again."

    Still, great job!