About two years ago, I made a point of doing the Siege of Neverwinter event on my paladin to get her the Neverwinter Champion's Charger, an armoured horse mount that, among other things, stood out for its funny walk. Instead of galloping like most horses, it ran at a very fast trot, which was not completely unique - the Jubilee Parade Horse uses the same animation - but rare. It made the rider look a littlie bit uppity and just a tad ridiculous, which suited my pally just fine.

Well, image my horror when I had to discover this week that they apparently patched that out! Now my charger gallops just like any other old horse. I am disappoint. What an odd change to make.


  1. Clearly all of the issues of the in-game world resolve around this trotting animation, and fixing it will cause everyone to be blissfully happy!

  2. What an odd thing to fix! I should check my horses again. Do they still trot if you use the /walk 1 command?

    Oh and /walk 0 to turn that off, or you'll go mad with the slow speed.

    1. Nice, I didn't know that command! But no, it just makes them walk.

  3. Update: I noticed people talking about this on the bug report forum so maybe it wasn't intended. There is hope! :P