Masquerade of Liars

... is the name of Neverwinter's Halloween event, which I somehow always managed to miss until now. As it turns out I didn't actually miss very much, as it's just another token grind for a couple of costume items and companions. However, I do sort of like the flavour of the masquerade illusionists strolling around Protector's Enclave while magically disguised as anything from giants to trolls to Valindra herself.


  1. It's one of the less grindy events surprisingly, more like a circuit race. :P I do like that you have a random change to encounter Mask (the god) though.

    It's pretty rare, and you only will realize you met him if you talk to him, give him a liar's charm, and then get a journal entry about it. Basically he's one of the illusionists... dressed as Mask. :P

    Already have my two orcus helms (an hour of racing for each) so I'm happy! :)

    1. That's really neat about the god; I didn't know that! My pet tank actually got the journal entry this morning and was very confused by it. :)

      I might get the cat ears for one of my characters, but the rest of the items are just too ugly for my liking. :P