Slow Down

One of my guildies got temporarily locked out of buying any more Zen; apparently he bought too much of it in too short a period of time.

And here people say that companies like Cryptic only care about extracting as much money from their players as possible!

I'm not sure whether I'm more surprised by my guildie's spending or by the existence of such a barrier to spending too much at once.


  1. Did this happen on PC? Since the backlog on PC is so high, I believe the only way to buy Zen is using real money. Buy if this is true and the cost of Zen in real money is not raising than people might buy Zen to resell them. This is probably why Criptic pays attention to single buyers and this is why it would be so important to keep a better balance between currencies.

    1. Oh yeah, this was with real money. I wouldn't even think of describing using the exchange as "buying" Zen.

  2. You can only spend 200 dollars in a 24 hour period. Has happened to me and I sent a ticket and they explained to me it was for security reasons. I guess to ensure o fraud