Professions Overhaul

This week I learned that the upcoming Heart of Fire module will also include an overhaul to the professions system. And we're talking proper overhaul here, not just a tweaking of mission rewards like we've had in the past. There's a dev blog and a forum thread about it so far.

In a nutshell, it's supposed to me more involved and more strongly tied into the rest of the game than the current system. Artisans won't just be icons in your inventory anymore, but actual NPCs employed by you in a workshop. And crafting is supposed to become more meaningful, so that people won't just level up by gathering wood five hundred times anymore because nothing else is worth it.

So far, so good from the sounds of it. The important thing for me is that existing progress will be carried over, as I have four characters with all their professions maxed out, with more working their way towards the same goal as we speak, and that has already been confirmed. Whether it'll actually be more fun and more rewarding remains to be seen.

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