Return to Sharandar

Only a few days after I complained about the lack of information about the upcoming module 20, I logged in after maintenance to find it being advertised on the launcher.

"Sharandar" continues the theme of naming confusion started with Avernus, as it's the name of the zone where Neverwinter's very first mod, Fury of the Feywild, took place.

My first reaction was actually to chuckle and think to myself that they must be running out of ideas to start revisiting older zones like that, but then I realised: Who cares? Fury of the Feywild was one of my favourite modules and I'll be quite happy to revisit the elves, so bring it on.


  1. I'm a little annoyed the new Sharandar will get rid of the old Sharandar though. Oh well, guess they don't/didn't have the resources to do Rime of the Frostmaiden yet... or they'll switch our Ice Wind Dale for that down the track.

    1. Whaaat, has that been confirmed? :O If so, what will happen to the old campaign? I thought it would be like e.g. Helm's Deep/Reclamation Rock where you can access the same zone in two different states.

    2. Also, I meant Helm's Hold of course, not Helm's Deep. Wrong franchise! XD