Lurker's Assault on Baphomet

I finished the Maze Engine campaign on my rogue today, yay! Unfortunately I also learned that one of my rogue's daily powers, Lurker's Assault, doesn't play nice with the last fight at all. Part of its effect is that it teleports me towards my current target, but something about Baphomet causes this movement to get messed up.

Once I got stuck in the air and it was kind of funny because I could at least still hit the boss, but when it happened again I somehow got trapped on the outer age of the platform on which the fight takes place instead, unable to move back in or target the boss (though he could still hit me somehow). I tried to commit suicide by jumping down into the lava (and Drizzt dutifully followed me) but it actually ended up doing no damage to me and I just ended up stuck at the bottom of the room instead. The /stuck command didn't help either, and eventually I had to Alt+F4 to get back out.

Then I repeated the fight for the weekly quest, and the exact same thing happened again. I guess I just won't be able to use that particular daily power on this fight, ever.


  1. Yeah this is an annoying bug that also can happen with duelists flurry. The work around (without changing your powers) is to lure Baphomet away from the edges of the arena and fight him in the center.

    Depending on your iLevel, that might not be feasible though. I literally just stand in the center and not evade anything but the wall of stone one while I flurry Baphomet down as my life steal heals me faster than he can hurt me.

    When you get to Omu with your thief, also beware of the yuanti dancers (and Fenthaza) when they use the "eye" attack. If you are hit while doing a duelist flurry, your movement will be totally borked until you successfully complete a flurry against something (or relog). Very hard to recover if that happens against Fenthaza, but you'll have a lot of practice before reaching her. :P

    1. Lol, sounds fun. :P Thanks for the tip!