No Life At Sea

The other day I was surprised by this achievement popping up while I was making the rounds in Sea of Moving Ice (click to embiggen):

Seriously, five hours of just cruising around in the damn boat? Just more evidence that this zone is way too large. What am I doing with my life...


  1. Sounds like it's the new Eversail (i.e. Everswim ;-) )... Is this area accessible gearscore-wise, I've not even set foot there on my main!

    1. Yeah, there is no gearscore requirement to access it, though you might still find the fights tough depending on your current gear level. It's from a few modules ago by now, the second half of the Storm King's Thunder campaign, though completion of the first half is not required to access the area. The intro quest from Sergeant Knox is called "Northern Lights", though story-wise it makes more sense to do "Festival of Bryn Shander" first.