Stronghold Siege

Sticking with the theme of trying new things, I joined members of my guild's alliance for a stronghold siege for the first time the other day. Apparently this is a feature that has been in game for years, since shortly after strongholds were introduced in fact, but I had never actually tried it.

Basically it's 20v20 PvPvE on a modified stronghold map, with the basic premise being that two guilds are trying to take down each other's guild hall. In the vaguest sense it reminded me a bit of WoW's Alterac Valley: a large scale PvP match where you can score points for your side not so much by killing other people but by capturing objectives and completing certain tasks.

It struck me as something that was clearly meant to be quite involved and epic but never really seems to have taken off. The alliance just does it for the rewards from the weekly quest but doesn't take the competition very seriously: one guy just takes on the role of the enemy guild while everyone else smashes his guild hall for an easy win. Seems like a shame really; I could imagine this being pretty epic when played "properly".


  1. The Greycloak alliance often runs these with two modes: one is a "friendly" type where the only pvp happens in the center lane and the full combat version.

    We have too many participants to have one guy as the enemy. :P

    As we have Midnight Express in the alliance, there is not much in terms of balance though as basically those geared for PvP curbstomp those who aren't so it might not be as epic as you expect, depending on team composition. ;)

    1. Um yeah, I'm not fond of Neverwinter's "actual" PvP, lol. I was more thinking of it in terms of many people working together to achieve the map's PvE objectives.