A Lich's Lament

Playing through Neverdeath Graveyard again I got to re-do what's probably my favourite quest in the game (see title).

It starts from a phylactery which is a random drop from the undead in the area. The lich contained within tells you that he just wants to be left in peace already and asks you to find a quiet final resting place for him in the area. You check out various locations but he finds something (hilariously) wrong with each and every suggestion, from uppity necromancers to destructive adventurers.

Exasperated, he eventually tells you that he's fed up with un-life and asks you to just hand his phylactery over to the doomguards so that they may destroy him. You do so, but Doomguard Volahk immediately states that the lich is likely too powerful to be destroyed so that the phylactery will have to be contained in a special secure vault instead, possibly for centuries - much to the lich's delight.

The voice acting for this quest is great and the lich's monologues are consistently hilarious - which just goes to show again that it's quite possible to have content be both lore-appropriate and funny.

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  1. This one is my favourite, too. Such a funny quest. The humour in this quest leaves the cheesy lines and gag-inducing jokes from Acquisitions Incorporated for dead, and the voice acting is absolutely on point!