While I'm only just trying to come to grips with the havoc wrought by Undermountain, Cryptic already announced the next module coming in August, called Uprising.

It will introduce the first new race in a while, the Gith. I have to admit that I'd never heard of them before this, and my first impression is that they look like the love children of orcs and elves. Also, apparently we'll be going to space?! I'm not familiar with that part of D&D lore at all, but it sounds wacky.

To me though, the most intriguing change mentioned in the announcement post was "recrafted early game zones and stories". I've never found Neverwinter's levelling particularly engaging, but it's serviceable, and to be honest I'm not sure what they could do to make it better, the game being what it is. Makes me glad to be levelling a new character right now though - that means that the current content will still be fresh on my mind when it comes to comparing old and new.


  1. Woah. The Gith? They actually went there. Wow.

  2. Neverwinter could do a lot with its levelling experience. Think WoW, where you actually start off in a different area depending on which race you pick. I remember rolling a Blood Elf and the experience was completely different to starting as an Orc.

    Sadly, though, I understand that what they are doing with the rework of the levelling areas in NW is just updating some of the old areas and streamlining some quest arcs. Not going to be very exciting at all, I believe!

    1. That's why I said "the game being what it is". I do agree that Neverwinter's early levelling experience is pretty boring compared to other MMOs - I just don't see what there is to improve with updating and streamlining, as I don't feel that "lack of streamlining" is a problem.