Down The Rabbit Hole

As I'm finding myself spending more time in Neverwinter again, I have to acknowledge that the game is really good at making itself feel "more-ish". There are lots of little tasks that literally only take a couple of minutes but are very rewarding - to prevent this from being exploited they are usually limited to once a day or once a week per character, but to a casual player that's not a problem.

So I end up doing one thing, knowing it will only take five minutes, but then I think: "Oh, I might as well do this other thing that also takes only five minutes" and more time goes by. Eventually I go: "Oh, I might as well do all that stuff on my alt too while I'm at it" and there goes my afternoon.

I think this is one reason I've had such an on-and-off relationship with the game in the past, because it's easy to get sucked in and play a lot, but in the same vein it's quite easy to burn yourself out, at which point I usually need a break to recharge my batteries.


  1. Yes, the onset of burnout is pretty insidious, because one moment everything is fine and the next you realize you're so in deep you're sitting there wondering "how the hell did THIS happen?"

    Kind of like how you think to yourself "Hey, this raiding thing is fun, I'll just do it whenever I feel like it" and then a week or two later it's "damn, I need to farm for money to buy the mats to make the materials I need for the upcoming raid, and I really should go find XXX recipe so I can go farm THOSE mats and maybe I should get mats for YYYY enchant on this piece of gear....."

    1. Can't say that's ever happened to me. :P

      Also, nothing in Classic takes only a couple of minutes.