More on Strongholds

On Thursday Cryptic posted an update on Strongholds to say that it's "coming summer 2015", plus some incredibly vague PR speak that seems to indicate that it will have both a PvE and a PvP side to it. ("Once the keep has been secured, guilds will have to battle against the environment as well as other players to ensure they maintain control of their lands.") It doesn't seem to feature anything like traditional MMO housing.

They also posted a video which shows people running around and fighting, apparently to save some villagers, and which makes you wonder how exactly the stronghold comes into it except as a background prop.

I like that the currently most upvoted YouTube comment on the video is: "Really? A guy on a 50% mount keeping up with the other guys? Make it realistic!"


  1. Well, from what I recall from my days playing BG2, you had to earn your stronghold, and then eventually (once you got high enough level) you had to defend it from attack as well as handle some generic quest type stuff.

    If they're going for that sort of stronghold, then you probably have to get the stronghold your class has the old fashioned way: you have to earn it by either clearing out the baddies or defending it from baddies.

    1. That sounds quite reasonable, just not very housing-like (in my opionion), more like a PvE map centred around a big building.