Underdark and Strongholds

A bit over a week ago, Cryptic announced that they are already working on Neverwinter's next module, called Underdark. All those Drizzt clones will finally be able to meet their long lost twin brother!

I can't blame Cryptic for wanting to look forward after how badly Elemental Evil seems to have fallen on its face (though they also emphasised that they are still working on fixing that). What I found funny was that they added - almost as a footnote! - that before Underdark, they were also going to release a module called Strongholds, which is supposed to introduce guild housing.

I mean: housing, pfft... who cares about that? Also, the name "Strongholds" amuses me greatly. Who would have thought that SWTOR would become a trendsetter?


  1. Ah, but in this case, they're referencing the 1E AD&D game. At 10th Level, a PC could build a stronghold and attract followers.

    It's just a coincidence that SWTOR used that name for their player and guild housing.

    1. That's a good point! I may even have seen something similar in one of the later edition handbooks that I actually had a chance to read.

      It's certainly more fun to imagine that they stole the name from SWTOR though. ;)