Neverwinter Unblogged & Gear

Via Joseph Skyrim I found the site Neverwinter Uncensored/Unblogged. It's nice to read a bit about the views of players who are more dedicated to the game.

This article by "j0Shi" really drove home the point of how big a gap there is in this game between hardcore (in terms of investment) and casual players. He mentions going into a skirmish with his 4.5k item level control wizard and having to solo the final boss as the rest of the group was unable to kill anything or even survive, apparently because none of them had more than 75k hitpoints or any purple quality gear.

For comparison, my devoted cleric who's been max level for about a month has an item level of just above 1600 (her gear mostly consists of greens, as I have yet to see a level 70 blue drop out in the world) and just over 40k health. I feel like I'm playing on another planet!


  1. I know that feeling. I bought the new DR campaign gear (3 pieces) for my TR and he now handles like he did before - as in, he can take more 5 or so more hits than previously which is huge.

    I still don the black ice gear when I want to spike damage in the IWD zergs though. :P

    1. I'm working on getting some of the new pieces from Sharandar and Dread Ring too; I'm guessing it will help a lot. Still pretty crazy to see the sheer power difference though - always makes me wonder just how much time or money they had to invest to get to that point.