Well of Dragons

Since my pet tank and I finally managed to unlock the Well of Dragons dailies, we've been doing them whenever we can, in order to work on our campaign progression. I haven't been impressed.

Up until Tyranny of Dragons, I felt that every new campaign was an improvement or at least a fresh new take on the way the game does dailies. But the Well of Dragons... meh.

Scenery-wise it feels like a rehashed Dread Ring with dragons instead of zombies, coloured brown instead of grey. The dailies can take freaking forever if you happen to get a bad set, about three or four times as long as a round of Dread Ring, and the heroic encounters don't seem to draw much interest.

I wonder though how much of this is the fault of Elemental Evil's level scaling and increase in difficulty. After all, I used to love Icewind Dale, but since the level increase questing there has been pretty damn tedious as well.


  1. While the scenery remained the same, pre-elemental evil it was actually an enjoyable yet still a little dangerous zone with lots of people often waiting to complete the dragon herald circuit, which would go pretty fast considering there are 5 dragons to kill.

    With the changes I haven't bothered returning there.

    1. Good to know! Nowadays the dragon heralds go unchallenged most of the time. I've been in only one successful kill, where we managed to down one literally one second before the timer ran out. I'm not sure how anyone could kill all of them within that time frame.