Dearth of XP

Since my pet tank has several weeks of holiday right now, he decided to binge on Neverwinter a bit by speed-levelling a paladin alt. I was kind of surprised to hear that he hit a massive wall at level sixty.

All of my own characters have levelled slowly, over a longer period of time and with a lot of experience from invoking and professions contributing to the process. While I was aware that the amount of XP required ramped up considerably from sixty to seventy, I never had difficulties acquiring it.

Apparently things are very different if you are trying to push through that level bracket quickly. My pet tank's pally was only level 63 by the time he finished Reclamation Rock (the second of the four new zones). Even though he tried to pad his experience gains from pretty much every possible source (dailies, dungeons, skirmishes, PvP etc.), he quickly ran out of things to do. Right now he's still only 68, has finished all the new zones and has done about two hundred vigilance tasks in Fiery Pit alone (since he found that one the least painful to keep grinding in). That's a pretty harsh levelling curve.


  1. Which is why Cryptic introduced these Zen shop XP booster packs. The bigger one is said to bring your toon to 70 twice as fast while the lesser one brings your char to 60 twice as fast. They actually go ahead and mention that you would need 4 smaller XP boosts to get to 70... It's a cash grab no matter how I look at it (my devoted cleric is lvl64 and I'm facing the same wall as your pet tank).

    1. I can understand wanting to sell XP boosters... but it seems Cryptic always has to go to extremes with these things.